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Drop Your Weapons

Available now from Mystery & Horror, LLC, Mardi Gras MYSTERIES, featuring my story, "My Volkswagon for a String of Beads." When Sonali Sen arrives in New Orleans for Mardi Gras with her best friend, she gets far more than she bargained for. Because along with the fun, food and music in the streets, murder and mayhem join the party.

Available now from Level Best Books. MASTHEAD: BEST New England CRIME STORIES OF 2020. My story is the fourth in my "Misunderstood" series, and is entitled MAGICALLY MISUNDERSTOOD. Things get downright exciting in the quiet but eccentric town of Misunderstood, Maine, when the circus comes to town. Because under the Big Top, magic gets murder. And Detective Isha Naidu has to weave her own brand of magic in order to find out whodunnit.

Introducing my first Sherlock Holmes story, THE CASE OF THE WATERY WIFE, in this exciting new anthology. Now available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats. Augustine Dalrymple gets the surprise of her life when the Great Detective himself turns up on her doorstep, claiming that he is there to help her with her case. Is it possible that her mysterious ghostly dreams of a woman are a cry for help? Before too long, Augustine and Holmes are on the case.

Now available on Amazon. Detective Isha Naidu of the Misunderstood Police Force is back in MONSTROUSLY MISUNDERSTOOD, her most unusual case to date. When a wealthy landowner dies of mysterious circumstances, and a werewolf is reputed to roam the countryside, Isha must summon all her detecting prowess to solve the case, before another victim is found. But how does one solve a murder steeped in myth?.

Detective Isha Naidu of the Misunderstood Police Force is back in DREADFULLY MISUNDERSTOOD, and this time she takes on one of the country's top pharmaceutical companies. Available in paperback and Kindle, Nov/2018.

In TOTALLY MISUNDERSTOOD, a gruesome murder rocks the idyllic, tight-knit community of Misunderstood, Maine, and its most prosperous citizens are suspect. Detective Aisha Naidu is on the case and she's not going to let anything stop her from finding the killer.

Check out my story, "Antipastdead," in this sterling collection of crime stories, featuring a mix of best-selling authors, established authors, and new voices. 

When the Dames of Detection, also known as Verena Rose, Harriette Sackler, and Shawn Reilly Simmons, took over Level Best Books, we did so with the understanding that in addition to continuing to publish the Best New England Crime Stories in time for the New England Crime Bake each year, we would also publish additional anthologies, and eventually select novels. 

Noir at the Salad Bar is our second non-New England anthology, and we are so pleased with the result. We had over one hundred and twenty submissions, from all over the country, and we received a large number of international submissions as well. Each story was read blindly, and we chose our favorite thirty to include in the anthology.

So many culinary anthologies fall under the label of "Cozy," and we really wanted to take this book in a new direction. We put out a call for grittier stories that had an element of food and drink involved. The result is a wide array of stories, all falling closer to the Noir end of the spectrum. And from those international submissions, included are three authors from England, one from France, and one from Israel. And for the Americans, the writers hail from all over including Utah, Texas, the South, New England, and the Mid-Atlantic.

We created a drink, inspired by Noir at the Salad Bar, Culinary Tales with a Bite called a Bloody Noir (our spin on the traditional Bloody Mary).